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Its all symphony orchestra opera music thats all crazy.
I dont really know how to explain it through lyrics cuz the lyrics I cant understand.

It just sounds like opera people singing in different tones.

The only connections I have to it is the song from Camron "get em girls"
I think its been played in EA sports commercials.

Thanks for the help!
Try "O'Fortuna" by Carl Orf. If that's not it then can you give a more detailed description? I know it's hard but try.
Trying to find a good remix to it.
If you get the instrumental of camron "get em girls" its pretty good.
I got the one where they have it normal and not slow like in the song they made.
Opera Babes "O Fortuna" is pretty good.
I wonder if they have a english version? I saw lyrics translated to english and the words in there are pretty amazing.

Just seeing if I can find a real good remix. Have ya found any lately?