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I was wondering if anyone has seen the preview for the new show on NBC called E-Ring. It had a version of the song In the Air Tonight, one that i have never heard before. I was also wondering if anyone knew the song that played during the previews for inconceivable. It was also in the show during the part where the blonde receptionist was holding the little baby .. All that i remember from the song is its a woman singing and its slow and she says Sweet sweet baby
any help would be awesome!
I guess i should have looked a little harder first lol well in case anyone else was wanting to know here are the answers

Sweet Baby - Michelle Featherstone
Nonpoint - In the Air Tonight
There was a song played at the end of the E-Ring spisode on the 16th. It was either David Grey or Damien Rice, I'm not sure. If anyone knows who sang it and the name, I would appreciate them telling me. Thanks.
It Is David grey, the song is Slow Motion I beleive, either way its on his latest CD, which is pretty damm good fwiw ;p
There was a song playing in the backround during the last 5-10 minutes of the episode aired on November 23. I think it was the Allman Brothers. While it was playing Dennis Hopper was looking at a black and white photo of him and a woman who was pregenant. He turned the song off when Benjamin Bratt walked in. I hope this helps!!!!
It was not the Allman Brothers. It was "The Weight" by The Band. It's a very well know song. It was used recently in a Cingular cellular phone service commercial.
During the part Sleepygirl15 is talking about, it was the Allman Brothers "Ain't Wastin' Time No More".
I just wanted to know if anyone out there knows who composed the theme song
played during the intro. I've tried googleing without any success.

Thanks in advance.
In the beginning of E-ring what is the name of the opening theme where it is just an instrumental