I think Lost Boy was trying to figure this ad music out as well...

He wrote in another topic:
Hey Michelle or JCA......I can't download the commercial which I THINK might be the same one I saw years ago. But here it is. a;sldkjflak;sdjf  I need help with this. :blink:

I'm not sure what we should be looking for -- Anyone want to describe the ad?
IT was a commercial for Driver 2. Theere was some song playing that rocked, but I can't download the commercial so that I could hear some lyrics and search for I'm wondering if someone else could do it. Maybe that guy is talking about the same commercial, I don't know....
If you follow the link, and download the Driver 2 commercial from Oct 17, 2000... the ad has no significant or recognizable music in it. If anything, just boring background stock music.

I don't think this is the correct ad you're thinking of because it definitely didn't have any lyrics...
At least I know now....maybe it was Driver 1, I only remember that the song was alternative, more like punk. And just remember one part of how there was a car that drove into some tables with people eating at an outdoor restaurant...if you see that commercial. Then it's the one I'm thinking of.
I just watched that Driver 2 commercial, and that wasn't the same one. It was not a long trailer, only a commercial. I still need help on this one.
I still have that commercial on VHS! It was recorded along with a movie, oh that brings back so many memories.

"We need a Driver, you any good?"

Oh.... nostalgia...
It's the same one I'm talking about? Because if they're isn't a rocking song on it, then it isn't the same commercial I'm thinking of.
dood. theres over 20 commercials there. which one is it?
It took me four years to find this song but, I finally found it...I'm ashamed because I already owned songs by Stiff Little Fingers and never recognized them. "Gotta Getaway"

Driver commercial