Drambuie Soda commercial song


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i just saw a tv commercial for a product called...Drambuie Soda (i think that's what it's called). let me apologize in advance for the vagueness of my description, as i was so enthralled by the song that i wasn't pay much attention to every single detail of the commercial. but the commercial features this modern-day guy running and jumping across rooftops in a day-time city, with clips of a warrior/norseman type guy wearing a kilt running up a hill flashing in occasionally. at the end of the commercial the warrior throws something in the air (i think it's a bottle of Drambuie Soda), and the modern-day guy catches it. the narrator in the commercial had either a British, an Irish, or a Scottish accent...again, i wasn't pay very close attention to tell which it was. the song featured in the commercial had a modern pop and almost techno sound to it. thanx to anyone who can help me out.
Went on Rhapsody that's the album a song called the 45 revolution/a reel for dambuie sounds nothing like it.