Dragon Ball Z Budakai 2


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Hey, does anyone know what the music for the DBZ PS2 game TV ad is and where it's from? Any help would be appreciated. It's a really cool sounding tune.
Nope, not the same as the previous topic. This ad basically starts introducing the three Buus and then just shows the characters in the game fighting. It's all footage from the game. No live action or anything.

Any ideas? I tried searching for the ad online but no info exists...
I know this ad you speak of....It features some instrumental alternative music. Nothing that's hard rock. I wish I could find this music too, but it is probably stock.
thanks, hopefully people can tell me if this tune is from the game or not or maybe the music's title! i have yet to play it.
Does AnyOne Know The Song That Is Played In The Background During The DragonBall Z Budokai 2 Commercial? <_<
A good one is the ending theme for Dragonball GT series, it was made by Mark Menza but I can't find it anywhere.