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in the dove soap commercial there's a song that i really like, its just violin playing no one singing, anyone know what i'm talking about? btw i did search this and there's no topic except for the dove shampoo
xpinkagex, if you do find out, please post the music title here.
Two roses are being dipped in soapy water, one with Dove soap and the other in some other brand soap. The Dove dipped rose comes out looking fresh, and the other one looks wrinkled.
I'm also hoping to find this song... however, I know that in the past Dove has used made-just-for-the-commercial tunes. It's a instrumental piece, just a violin I think. At the end they flash a web address but I haven't found the tune online yet.
Does anybody know the name/composer of the new Dove soap commercial?

Can you describe the song? Vocals/instruments? What is happening in the ad?
It's the one where roses are being dipped into soap.
Music is instrumental...string.....kind of "French" sounding!

I just found another thread on this but the Question was not answered...sorry
I'm looking for the same information.

That's great music, a jazz genre, and the style if not the song sounds familiar. I saw the commercial for the first time last night and it's really good.

I'd really like to know who does that music.
it's a violin playing... i'm a big fan of this kind of violin music so i'd like to know too ^_^ just saw it on nbc like 10 min ago on an SNL rerun :p
Unfortunately, it's the same story Dove always gives me. I emailed to ask about it and was informed that it was an original piece made just for the commercial and that it isn't available for download or purchase. It's a bummer, because I have really liked a lot of their commercial music.
I was curious about a song that was in a Dove Commercial. It has aired over the past month or so, has no actors in it, but the music contains violins in it. If anyone could help that would be great.
ohiomedgirl, that's bad news.

Um, have you asked Dove similar questions before?
Yes... and unfortunately, they always give me the same answer... which is that their music is made explicitly for their adverts and isn't available for download or purchase.
i'm not sure if it's the same commercial, but i'm looking for the song for a new dove commercial that has various women's skin. the singer has a british accent and the lyrics are something to the effect of: "blah blah blah, take off your clothes, let the world in."

any ideas?
Actually, I got an answer out of Dove about the music, here it is:

The song in our "Rosebud" commercial:

This is an original music track created and produced by Music Orange. The
composers are Michael Lande, Hector Perez, and Blaise Smith. They are
located at 1 Union Street #230, San Francisco, CA 94111; email Website:

The song in our "Don't Flip" commercial:

The title of the song is "Poor People of Paris" and the Artist/Band is Les
Orchestra. Les Baxter led a series of orchestras in the 1950's and 1960's and
recorded on Capital Records.

The song in our Dove Lotions commercial:

The title of the song is "Heart". It was taken from the hit Broadway show
"Damn Yankees." The Dove brand developed new words for the
song with our Dove advertising songwriters.