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does anyone know the soundtrack for the doom movie that just came out, or atleast the song during the first person shooter part. thanks
just saw the movie, dont know why it got such poor ratings, movie was sweet. the last fight scene was a little much but i liked the soundtrack, most of it was heavy with a pinch of electronica without any lyrics. My guess would be either instrumentals or the music might be just made for the film or I am missing the groups completely not any music i have heard before besides the intro and the ending. I konw the end credits was that song from 9 inch nails. Hope somone can help.
The music was made by Clint Mansell, i think my guess was right with it just being for the movie. Heres a link CLICK FOR SITEwhere the names of the songs are and the one your looking for the "first person shooter" is on there. Cd doesnt come out for couple more weeks, might be able to stream it somewhere, not sure.
soundtrack is gonna come out on nov. 8th
i wanna know the soundtrack that used in the beginnin of the movie where before the mission where they were waiting to ''leave'' the base or wherever they were at.
even though there's name of all 22 title tracks i can't really figure out which is which since cd wasn't listed as they were played in the movie... :(
id say just buy the cd and then listen to them all. I saw the movie again last night and alot of the songs have the same sound to them. All the type to get you amped.