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Does anyone know the instrumentals used in the trailers for: Domino and Mindhunter?
Domino has one trailer, which uses music from Man On Fire by Harry Gregson-Williams.

Not sure about Mindhunters though...
well for sure, the first part of the trailer is the same exact song that tony scott used in the short film "beat the devil" in the bmw "hire" series. more specifically, its the song that plays while james brown and gary oldman discuss the terms of the race. as for the second longer song, chances are its a track from the soundtrack of domino.
If it's the trailer thats just been posted on the quicktime site then i'm prety sure it's

Nine Inch Nails - The Mark Has Been Made

sounds like it's had quite alot of work done it though
hope this helps.

I just saw the trailer for Domino with Keira Knightley. I was wondering if anyone know the song playing in this trailer...

link to trailer:

I think this might have been already discussed - somewhat - in this post:

However, the member "cucuzza" - who started that post - didn't mention which trailer, so I thought I would try with my post.

Any info on the song in this trailer would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

Again, the link for the trailer is here:
Man on Fire - Harry Gregson-Williams

sorry it is track #02 - main title
Well that sounds like it but listen to the end of the trailer there is voices in it i cannot recognize what they are saying the other site told me Nine Inch Nails and i downloaded that but it's just the Instrumental Drumming I am looking for the words with it, take a listen you will see what i am talking about toward the end of the trailer.
hey, does anybody know the name of the song playing at the end of this trailer. i know there is another thread, but that is the nine inch nails song. this song was also in boogie nights. here is the link. the trailer will load automatically.domino hompage
Who sings the song in this trailer, it is an oldie that goes like "Your moma told me momma told me...
Tom Jones - Mama Told Me Not To Come

thats the version in the trailer. the original version is very old. its by Three Dog Night
Theres a cue at the start (heart beat one) thats from Man On Fire.
a sound effect that sounds like a song after that. Then the Nine Inch Nails song
plays the rest pf the way

the one at the start is"
Harry Gregson-Williams - "Kidnapping"

cue starts at 1:20

Harry Gregson-Williams - Gonzalez

very much like the Nine Inch Nails song