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Does anyone know the song in the Dodge Charger commercial with the motorcycles following the car down the street?
It's the same song used in the older Charger commercial as well. It's being worked on here, but it's unnamed as of yet.
I know it's a cover of the old "Nazareth" tune- "Hair of the Dog". Sound's like Mike Shinoda from Linkin' Park doing the rap, which makes sense 'cause he had that metal-rap side-project with "The X-ecutioners" a couple years back. I'm still trying to figure this out....let me know if you solve the mystery.
Did a little more diggin' and found out that the music in the commercial is a "mash-up" of "Hair of the Dog" and a song titled "Live and Loaded by Chris Classic ( From what I could find out- it is not available on any CD, but a source from Dodge themselves, stated that the music will be released on Yahoo Music for downloading on Aug.1st. and that it shoud hit I-tunes within a few days after that. Hope this helps.
The song is called "Live and Loose" Mashup (w/ Nazareth's Hair of the Dog) by Chris Classic (Run of Run DMC's nephew).

It's been released and can be downloaded from MusicMatch. It's awesome!
Get it.
:lol: I have the full song if anyone needs it, email or go to lime wire. the song is great!!! B)
Anyone knows where this ad can be downloaded ? Nice car mister ! .... hum nice ... bike ! :lol: