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Can anybody tell me the name of the chorus music played in the background of the new TOwer of Terror 4 commerical ? I've been looking for quite some time. Thanks....
What is Tower of Terror? Are there any words to the music?
Tower of Terror is a ride at Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando.. but I'm from Florida, and I haven't seen this ad yet. What channel did you see it on?
I believe the commercial was on ABC. IT sounds like a piece from Mozart but I'm not sure.....
FINALLY i've found this piece. The piece is called "O Fortuna" byCarl Orff
No kidding! Looks like we're going to have to give "O' Fortuna" the Most-Over-Used Song award.
Yeah, well so was Chariots of Fire.. but it loses all meaning when it's EVERYWHERE like that. It's almost a joke now.. I mean, still beautiful, but you're gonna start seeing it as a spoof in movies now, like when they did Chariots of Fire in "Old School" (and a million other movies, that's just the one that sticks out in my head).
What is the name of the music used in Disney's Tower of Terror ads?
Where can I find a full recording of the piece?
Who is the composer?
if you are refering to the ad where the elevator (a.k.a lift) buttons go crazy, it's "O Fortuna" from 'Carmina Burrana' by Carl Orff. If you liked this piece you have a good taste in music! :) 'cause, this is one of the most used classical music compositions!
Thanks much for the info. Now I've got to see if I can find a recording of it.
Tower of Terror Commercial

Does anyone know where the music in the first few seconds of this commercial comes from?