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I'm looking for any and all the songs in the trailer, but in particularly the very first one that has the lyrics "latin lover". Any help would be much appreciated. :)
edited to say if you know any songs in the commercials for the movie, that would be cool too!
i had gone to that site and looked it up under 'D' because at imdb they have the name as dirty dancing: havana nights, but i didn't even think to look under 'H', so thank you for that! :)
The song is called "Latin Lover" by Lemon Jelly which is the first song that is played on the trailer, and the rest of the songs on the trailer can be found on the soundtrack. :D
Lipstick, where or how did you find out that "Latin Lover" is by Lemon Jelly? I tried looking up the lemon jelly Cd's and I couldent find any of their CD's with a song titled "Latin Lover".
See I am also looking for that particular song. Any help would be greatly aprishated.
Actually, i think the artist is just Lemon. here are two websites where you can check out the song:

Club Montepulciano

Klone Records

the second one gives you a longer sample of the song. oh and btw, the song isn't in the soundtrack (i have it and it's very good).
After much searching myself on this one I now know what the song is it is :
"Latin Lover" by Lemon
you should be able to download it it is the right song I have downloaded it and its great we now use it in my latin dance class hope that helped - Faith
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And what is the name of the second song in the trailer? The one that starts with "salsa"?
I was just watching the Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights trailer and I know that the first song is called 'latin lover' and is by Lemon.
But does anyone know where I can download it from? 'Cause I can't find it anywhere.
And also, there is a second song played right afterwards which starts with the word 'salsa' that I don't know. Does anyone know the name of that song?
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The "salsa" song is also called "Salsa" and is by Gloria Estefan. Check the reply from JCA on page 1 of this thread for all the music used in the trailers for this movie .
I have been looking EVERYWHERE for the music from ABCFamily's trailer for a weekend showing of both the original Dirty Dancing and Havana Nights movies. The music is kind of flamenco, and the only lyrics you can hear are "ole ole, ole ola". This trailer/commercial was shown on ABCFamily in October or November 2006.

Please help!

Thanks! :)
That salsa song in Havana Nights trailer...

Hi There!

That salsa song that plays in the Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights trailer...the one that goes:

"Salsa...Baila Mi Gente!"

in the beginning, just before the Artistan logo...

WHO DOES THAT SONG???? That sounds niiiice!