Devil May Cry 3

Ahhhh Thank you so much Quality isnt that bad at all very good especially for a rip anyways wnated that song was such a wicked song :D :p
hey . . . this is my first post. And it's on a old topic . . . well, I want to know who sings the song in the background. No one knows and it is driving me crazy . . .
Check the forum. They are talking about the same thing there and are having trouble identifying it. Someone mentioned emailing Capcom but no report on any results. Have you tried an email to Capcom?
yeah, I want to know who sings the song. I have a kick ass mp3 that I took from the trailer (i ripped it with a video editor). I'm listening to it as we speak. If anyone has anywhere that I can upload the mp3, then tell me and I can put it there for people to download.
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this song doesn't really sound like Fischerspooner to me. They tend to stay away from any rock sounding genre, it sounds more like the work of mushroomhead to me. The Devil's Cry has a techno sound to it but it does have the rock sound to it as well, along with the singers sounding just like the singers from mushroomhead. Although the songs would have to be reccorded before JMANN left mushroomhead.
The music in the trailer is phonominal, it blew me off my feet when I heard it the first time. Then I just hit the repeat button and had it play in the back ground.