Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo


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It's not Pretty Ricky - Grind with Me...that is played when the hot friend of Deuce's is undressing.
It's not Numa Numa, i know for a fact.

Its like a techno song that has no lyrics...does anyone know this song?

thanks alot guys
song played at the end is the Rachel Steven's song, "I said never again". But, thats not the song i was looking for....its the techno song while the guy's tanning.
yah i found it at IMDB, that song actually wasn't as good as i thought, im going to see the movie today, so ill see the credits :-D
no, it has not been answered yet. Still looking for the techno song in the tanning scene.
I'd also love to see if anyone can find this. I've been looking for a couple weeks with no luck yet.
This is the one where Deuce goes to Europe --The movie is awful but does anyone know the name of the song that plays when one of the male models puts on his earphones and a trance-techno song begins to play. It's the scene where the male model puts on his earphones and gets in a tanning bed---the song that plays during that scene. Thanks.
[Bump] Anyone watch this movie and have any idea what I'm talking about or where to begin looking for the name of this song? It's bothering me.
I do know what you are talking about, but I can't help either, I have tried looking for it also, but failed to find it. It is just a rare song that I have no idea where or how to go about finding it, but the song list is on, there you could find the song if you just wrote the whole list of songs down and went to the music store and just previewed all of the ones that the music store actually has and that is the problem, some of the music played on movies now a days is just....unavailable to the public, which really truly is ...bad. :D
the song was specially composed for the movie by peter "peas" mccevilley and its called autobahn 16 long.