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hey. theres this one commercial on hbo for the show def poetry. it has violens and has a funky beat. its cool. please help! thanks :lol:
So did anyone find this out yet? I saw the commercial this morning and I think that this is sweet.
Its just Mos Def doing spoken word over the actual theme which was penned for the show its not really available for sale. Sorry !
I think that you're thinking of a diffrerent ad. This one is a commercial where different poets are speaking about what poetry is. Mos Def isn't even in this one. And the beat is available I just can't figure out what artist it is. I know that because I've heard it before.

Where is Michelle on this one?
Originally posted by lavelle@Aug 2 2004, 08:39 PM
Where is Michelle on this one?
Sorry, I don't watch the show. Don't watch HBO much since Sex & The City left, and I'm too lazy to look at the links Cult provided.

I'm tired... maybe later.
The artist is Miri Ben-Ari, an Israeli violinist who'e now signed to Island Def Jam Records and is all the rage in the hip-hop world. She's been touring with Kanye West. I'm not sure of the song but it might be from her new CD.