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Does anyone have any information on the opening theme music for the HBO Series, Deadwood? Name of the song, artist, etc? Let me know folks, thanks.
Don't watch the show, but can you describe the music? Does it have any lyrics?
Michelle, it's a great series that airs at 10pm every Sunday on fact, this Sunday is the season should check it out. No lyrics to the opening theme, it's an instrumental with a very Western flavor to it, lots of strings, very nice...thanks again :D
There was a song played during the credits at the end of the season premiere of Deadwood (HBO) on Sunday night...Anyone who catched it happen to know the name? Thanks
Ok Here's what I could decifer from my replay Shadows are falling And I've been here all day Its to hard to sleep And time is running away Feel like my soul has turned into steel Ive still got the scars but some have healed ??? Its not even ???? to be anywhere Its not dark yet But its gettin there
actually I just found it Its titled " Not Dark Yet "off of Time out of Mind
Can anyone identify the closing credits music from the most recent season of Deadwood? It would be episodes 25-32.

You know, I pop on here every week after Deadwood to see what song they used for the end credits, because it's a new song everyweek and they're usually pretty good, but often sound very old. There's often somebody else who wants to know what the song is, but never anybody who can tell us what the song was, except once, a Bob Dylan song.
Well, I went to the HBO website today and dug around in their online store and found the soundtrack to Deadwood. A lot of it seems to be soundbites from the show, but there are some songs. Maybe this will be the teensy eensiest bit helpful to some of us.

Track Listing

"No Law" - Clell Watson
Theme from Deadwood - David Schwartz
"In Life" - Al Swearengen
Hog of the Forsaken - Michael Hurley
Will the Circle be Unbroken - June Carter Cash
"Go to Hell" - Wild Bill Hickok & Charlie Utter
Old Friend - Lyle Lovett
Creek Lullaby - Margaret
"Row, Row, Row Your Boat" - Calamity Jane & Charlie Utter
Iguazu - Gustavo Santaolalla
"Pardon My French" - Al Swearengen & Joanie Stubbs
Stars and Stripes Forever - Jelly Roll Morton
God and Man - Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
Fallen from Grace - Mark Lee Scott
Native Funeral - Reinhold Heil & Johnny Klimek
"Who?, Wu?!" - Al Swearengen & Mister Wu
Snake Baked A Hoecake - Mike, Peggy, Barbara, Penny Seager & Children
High Fever Blues - Bukka White
Twisted Little Man - Michael J. Sheehy
"Next Round's on the House" - Al Swearengen
Arriving In Deadwood - Michael Brook
Farther Along - Mississippi John Hurt
"There's Blood" - Seth Bullock & Al Swearengen