Dead Presidents


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I'm lookin for a song that was played in the movie Dead Presidents. I think it was near the end when they were in a car, at night, driving. I recognized the song as Jay-Z's "Can I Live" but I know thats not the song used in the movie. The soundtrack is all older songs. Does anyone know what that original song? Any help is appreciated.
You really don't provide any details about the music...why even bring up the Jay Z song, and then discount it immediately? You make us have to watch the movie to find it, when the focus should be on the music.

Anyway, check here.
Uhh need for the attitude....I couldnt describe the music, so I was saying that the Jay-Z song "Can I Live" strongly samples the hopes that someone would know it. Thanks anyway.
Lol....thanks least someone has my back :p
"Can I Live" by Jay-Z samples Issac Hayes' "The Look of Love".
when the main actor walks into a bar, there's this music playing the background. He's bopping his head to it and he looks like he's gliding through the bar as he's saying hello to people looking kinda "high"

throughout that part, the music is playing

thanks in advance!