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Can anyone tell me the song that was playing in the scene where bullzeye is at the bar shooting darts and nails the guy in the throught with paper clips?
Well, I'd have to see the movie again to hear the music used in the bar scene (with the throat darts), but the song is probably listed at the Daredevil soundtrack listing at imdb.com:

Any of those songs ring a bell?
In this scence Jon Favraeu and Ben Affleck are sitting in a cafe/restaurant together. Affleck's attention changes to the door where Garner walks through in slow motion. Anybody know the song playing over this scence?
Can you describe the song? ANy lyrics? Vocals? Genre?
The lyrics ar difficult to make out under the diolouge of the scene. I've checked the soundtrack and it wasn't on it. I'm not sure what genre to put in. I'd call it airry pop, or fluff, but of course that's not a genre. Hope someone knows. It's been bugging me since I first saw this horrible movie.
According to IMDb.com, the song you're looking for is called "Faraway" by Dara Shindler.
Does ANYONE have ANY information on the song played in"Daredevil" during the love scene between Matt and Elektra? All i know is that it is mostly guitar and string instruments.....if anyone has information on what this song is or where i can find it it would hlep SO MUCH! thanks!!!
Oh, I can't remember. It might be "My Immortal" by Evanescence. I know that was in the movie, but I'm fuzzy on which part.
Actually it's a piece of score music that didn't make it onto the soundtrack OR score CDs. They included the whole bit from the roof scene but apparently didn't think the love scene was worthy :angry: