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What is the song playing in the new ad for ABC Dancing WIth the Stars?
I'm pretty sure it is "Cobrastyle" by the group the Teddy Bears. I was looking for this song myself and I saw the new Tab Energy drink commercial that used the same song.

Mike Roeder
you're right...it's "cobrastyle (ft. mad cobra)" by the Teddy Bears.
Anyone know the song playing in the DWTS week 2 promo? It's been airing all week...and it sounds like a remix of Kid Rock's Bawitaba song......but fun.
Seems to me that you're probably thinking of ...

Teddybears Sthlm - "Cobrastyle"

Right or wrong ...
There you go.
Does anybody know the name of the song being played in the DWTS commercial that starts with the line, "Is it HOT in here?" and describes that they'll be switching to mondays. I cant find it anywhere!!
There are two commercials that I know of out right now promoting te new season... anyone know any of the songs?
Well I know one of them is Le disko by Shiny Toy Guns , I hope that can help you a little more. They are on myspace if you want to here
All i remember from it is ... fire on the dance floor ... its from the commercial for the last 5 ....
Channel 7 dancing with the stars tv ad song ??

Does anyone know the ad song for dancing with the stars on channel 7 at the moment ?? i love the song and its killing me lol :confused:
Dancing With the Stars 2018 Commercial

Anyone know the name of the disco type song used in one of the cast announce commercials? I saw the spot in October. It has lyrics that go something like "I want to dance dance all the night till next dance over. I wanna dance dance all the night till morning lights." This is driving me crazy! I tried to Shazam it, but nothing came up.
Hi, just wondering if you found out the name of song?