CVS Pharmacy "Ordinary Miracle"


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DYING to know the song in the new (10/14/07) animated CVS Pharmacy commercial with a very pretty female vocal singing "Just another/ordinary miracle today..."
Sounds like a cross between Fisher (circa Toyota "Beautiful Life") and Hem (circa Liberty Mutual commercial #1 "Half-Acre")
I'm sincerely hoping it's not in-house, but I get the feeling it just might be, d(at)mmit...
Any help provided as to unraveling this mystery would be greatly appreciated!
0op--never mind! :eek: Looks like the nice folks over at the Whatsthatcalled forum have nailed this one! w00t!
The song is called Ordinary Miracle, by Sarah McLachlan.
It is from the movie, "Charlotte's Web"
Aaaaaand, there's a reason it sounds like Fisher:
Kathy Fisher (Fisher band) performed the song for the ad.
Anyone recognize the woman singing in the new CVS ad. I think its on cable. We dont have CVS where I live so I dont know if there are other ads for this company.
Does anybody know who sings this song it has the words"its just an ordinary miracle" in it. Thanks
Originally posted by blindsleeper@Oct 16 2007, 07:25 PM
the main question is when can we buy the song on amazon or itunes...
From the Fisher the band site:

CVS commercial airing now with "Ordinary Miracle" featuring Kathy Fisher. This version is not currently available on CD or iTunes...sorry.
This song also appears in a Sunlife Financial commercial in Canada.
This version is performed by Emilie-Claire Barlow. Beautiful song.

I'm so glad this was identified here! Thanks for always being dependable AdTunes!

Love Fisher, love the song! Too bad it's not available, but nice to know.

What is the name of the song for CVS where they show cartoonish people and a girl is singing softly "it's just another ordinary, miracle today"?
WOW thank you!!! Hi all...long time user of, first time poster. I *love* that CVS song and I'm overjoyed to find out is "real", not in-house. Too bad that the Fisher version is not available, but the Sarah McLachlan version is beautiful! rocks!!!!
I saw this commercial and it's of a granddaughter and grandmother walking through a park or something. It's animated and the background music is a woman singing. Anyone help me with what brand it's for and what song it is?