CVS (maybe brooks)


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Here's the commercial as best as I can describe it.
mostly quoted from someone I know who is looking for it..

people keep finding dollar bills in obscure places
the premise of the commercial is that when they spend a certain amount on the things they buy on a regular basis
like household products and pharmaceuticals
they get credited a certain amount, "cash back"

she says in the commercial there's an old woman with a prescription bottle, a man and his baby, a woman and her lipstick, and she thinks a young kid as well.

Anybody know the commercial that can help me out?

Thanks in advance.
Is it an old or recent ad? And, does your friend remember anything about the music -- tempo, genre, lyrics, male/female vocals, etc...
no other information at the moment, I'll ask her about more details when I talk to her.
Going on the assumption it is definitely a CVS ad... I've only found two agencies who have worked on different ads for CVS in the past, Hill Holliday and Bates North America.

Anyone else seen the particular ad?
more information from her:

slow tempo
male voice
she says: the only lyrics you can really hear are "honey, all you think about is money, oh baby..."
she also says: kindof blues-y, for lack of a better description