CSI Season 9

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What a killer song, thanks so much for identifying that!!!!!
Which song?

"Original Man" by Ronn L. Chick


It is "The Funeral" by Band of Horses on the album titled Everything All The Time. I found the info by also including the fact that it was also used on a car commercial recently.
i have the answer to all of ur question
the one that goes WHOOOo_Oooo and is really soft is called
drumroll please

Funeral by Band of Horses
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! To all of those who searched and struggled to locate the artist to this song......... THANK YOU, especially to those who found it!!! not knowing has been killing me NOT to know!!!!!
I am pretty sure of this, but not 100% since I only caught a little bit of the song, but for those of you dying to know it is....

Artist: Band Of Horses
Song: Funeral
Can anyone tell me what song is playing in the new CSI commercial for the last episode with Gil Grissom? Thanks!
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the song is "As Im Leaving" by David Gray....great song!
CSI Grissom's Last Episode

Can anyone tell me the song that plays during the promo for the last episode with Grissom?