CSI Season 8

It's Placebo 'Running Up That Hill' from their album Sleeping with Ghosts.
when they r riding in the go carts and saras like staring.. anyone know the song.. i think it used to be on the oc it sounds familiar
Okay, I feel like this is really famous artist but I can't make out enough words to do a google search, and those I have searched haven't come up with anything. I'm pretty sure at one point it goes "threw myself out of motion" but that came up with nothing. I'm hoping I can get some help here, I really like it.
Ok, i eventually found it myself, it was Keys to the Kingdom by Unkle featuring Gavin Clark.
Just FYI

The song that Sara is listening to on her iPod as she's walking into the locker room at the beginning of the episode is:

"Carousel" by Iron & Wine

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i just heard a great cover of Cameo's "Word Up" on CSI. Female vocalist, stripped down, might have been just guitar and vocals. Search on allmusic.com didn't turn up much.

Sorry i don't know the EP# or Title, but it was the one that aired tonight.
In the episode "Case of the Cross Dressing Carp" which originally aired on 10/18/07, Word Up was covered by 2 different artists:

Word Up : Willis
Word Up! : The Photogenix
What was the song played while Grissom(sp?) was walking around the erotica store during the blue paint/motor oil/drinking fountain episode???

It sounded like electronica/heavy metal. THANKS!!!
in the cowboy bar.... " this old wheel keeps on rollin' " GOOD song, cant figure who does it. Any help?
csi vegas season 8 episode 13 a thousand days on earth music

csi vegas season 8 episode 13 a thousand days on earth

you can hear the music in this video from 1:47 to 3:00

ive look into many csi music webs getting nothing or wrong songs that do not even appear at all any idea where to look or a title