CSI NY Season 6


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At the very end there was a song sung by Antony Hegarty (not sure if it was just a solo or with 'the Johnsons'). Does anyone know the name of the song that was played? It was beautiful!! Many thanks!
Can anyone tell me what song was used near the beginning of the latest CSI NY episode Pot of Gold. I'm dying to know who the artist is... here is an audio sample from the episode.

I cannot reach the dizzy heights
I'm buried underneath a veil of light
and in this grave I place my confidence
cannot believe that I won't rise again... again
...but I can't control the fall
and I know not where I've gone
and I can't control the fall
and I know not where I've gone...
Hi, I went to buy it on iTunes but since I'm in Canada I can't. :confused:
I'm very sad I couldn't buy it in Canada. I hoped I'd be able with Amazon but it's the same as iTunes: limited to U.S. customers. :( :confused:
Still trying to find that song from:

Does anybody know the song that was playing in the beginning of the episode "one flew over the cuckoos nest"? It was a scene on a boat and the song was techno/poppy - no lyrics :[