CSI NY Season 4


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where can i find/ what is the name of the remix of baba o'reily that is being used in the episode openers for the new season?
It's still Baba O'Riley just they most probably added "techno" tracks in overlay.
Does anyone know the name of the song, played at the end of the show, when Mac (Gary Sinise) was up on stage with the band?
Can someone please tell me the title of the song that is in the very first scene of the episode were the young couple find the dead lady in some iceberg frozen? Please, and thank you.

Looking for the song playing on the tech's headphones as he's determining the chemical makeup of the pill. Mac catches him dancing to the music. No, this isn't either of the songs listed on the websites I've found (not Lazy Eye or Repetition Kills You)
(go to the CSI site and look at the episode "Happily Never After". Forward to Part 3 at about 2:30 minutes in is the scene (there are short ads between the parts). Site: CSI NY Happily Never After)
This is from season 4: episode 416

Song is right at the beginning where the girl is frantically getting ready. Some of the words:

Money out of money
got another 50 seconds and im ready to play.

It was really fast...sort of country -esque sang by a woman


has the episode. Please help! thank you :]
"Just A Song About Ping Pong" by Operator Please

It's from the Album Yes Yes Vindictive - the amazon link is to the single.

Get it at Amazon.

And the lyrics are actually:

Money order money order hear it today
I got another fifteen seconds and I'm ready to play I say
Money order money order hear it today
I got another fifteen seconds and I'm ready to play I say
I got my got my got my got my racket in hand
Not leaving till I play don't think you understand
With that dirty dirty dirty dirty look on your face
I bet you know beef jerky has an after taste GO!