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about 22-23 minutes into last night's saturday night live broadcast nbc aired a promo for the new season of crossing jordan. does anyone know the name of the song that played in the background of the spot? the lyrics i could discern were something like "my heart's beating in my head" or "bleeding" or "in my hand" or something like that (none of which variations have resulted in any sort of google-powered success). the song was fiona apple-ish. help!
Is the "Special Features" video on this page what you saw? (I can't view it since it's for Windows, so I don't know what it is exactly.)
the special features clip on that page is an interview with one of the actors from the show. the promo that ran last night featured footage from an upcoming episode (a man falling from a highrise as he's tracked by a helicopter spotlight).
Okay, I thought it might be something different... So, thanks for clearing that up! :) Did you check the music from the show's Soundtrack? I haven't found any songs to match up with the lyrics you heard either, so far...
yeah, i checked the soundtrack. :) still stumped. presumably the promo will run again and somebody will nail the song. it's catchy, whatever it is.
Just saw the promo.. indeed very catchy tune.. not sure who it is, but now I wanna know. :)
hopefully more people will see the promo and be able to chime in.

irony: i don't even watch the show. heh. :)
I still can't understand any of those lyrics but I'm listening to it over and over.. maybe I'll get something.
Well I'll be damned if that doesn't sound like "Hemorrhage" by Fuel only acoustic and with chicks on vocals. Hmmmmm diggin into it now. Lets just see what we can see. *Rubs hands together*
Huh. Can't find a cover by anyone. Haven't exactly been batting 1000 here the last couple'o'days. <_<
that's interesting. when i originally googled variations of what lyrics i could discern, the song you mention is what kept coming up ... but when i actually listened to it, it didn't sound like the song in the promo. but if it's someone else's version of said song, it kinda comes together, huh?

so whose version is it? i doubt nbc would go through the trouble of commissioning a cover for some cheesy promo. oh, the torment. hehe.
Has anyone tried contacting NBC? They have a "featured music" section on their site, so they care about the music used in promos/shows at least. Unfortunately, they don't update that often and this promo isn't included.
Well I ran some "Hemorrhage" lyrics on a whim but the only additional hit on those was "Funeral For A Friend."
Crossing Jordan has a site where they EVENTUALLY post the music for each episode but nothing for promos or ads. Their (contact us) link might be the place for the e-mail suggested by Michelle.
i randomly heard this song today and remembered it was never resolved in this thread. it's "trouble" by bonnie mckee.