Courtyard by Marriott "Plug In"

Sounded like a pretty cool song. Newer commercial with guy sitting down and computerized graphics
Marriot Courtyard Commercial...guy sitting in his desk chair with his laptop, hotel structure changes around him so that eventually he's sitting outside still with his laptop...

Song playing is "Memory Collector" by Kelley can get it on iTunes.
Hello all,
I just saw a new Courtyard Marriot commercial on the NFL network.....I'm sure we will all see it soon (if not already) on major network stations....but it's the commercial where a guy is sitting down on his computer and the whole background and scenery changes. No words to the music, just lalala's or dadada's.

Like I said I just saw it today for the first time. Hope someone has seen it and can help.
yes - it's Kelley Stoltz - Memory Collector. Thank you very much!!!