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hey ppl, i just got back from my camp today, so... hi!!!

ok, well there is a song, when translated into english the title means "listen as i come." Its a spanish song, and i cant find the right translation for the words. Its like "ojo come val" or something (as a friend quotes). so, please tell me when you have found it. I have no clue who its by, and its a very good song to dance to. Its like salsa mixed with techno.

welcome back! :)
is it Santana's "Oye Como Va"? there are tons of remixes out there...
That's exactly what it has to be cult.
An accurate translation is nearly impossible as the lyrics aren't in the Spanish that's taught in school. But......."Listen to my rythm, It's good to get your groove on Mulata" would be close enough.
what a relief. i love that song, when staples said it meant "listen as i come" i was kinda uneasy.. ;)
I've heard different translations from many people whose first language is spanish and they're not always the same. But that one is the most common I've heard so it's the one I go with.

Technically it's "Listen how my rythm goes" but..........
Hmm.. based on the Spanish I learned, "Oye como va mi ritmo, bueno pa gozar, mulata" means "Listen to how my rhythm goes, it's good for enjoying, Mulatta"..

edit: Oops, didn't see your last post there Fitz. Ok, so I'm not speaking pig Spanish then after all. :)
wow... I thought everybody recognized santana!!!