Converse Spin The Bottle

It was composed specifically for the ad by GREG REEVES of Cordovan Music.

Listen to tracks from his album 'Cordovan' here.
Just wanted to ask if you are positive that that particular guitar song is on the 'Cordovan' album, and not on another one in their store. Im only concerned because none of the samples seemed to sound quite like the commercial tune.

Thanks for tracking that composer down though, great work!

I bought that Cordovan album with fll hopes of it benig what was listed in the forums, reallly for that song featuerd in the Converse Ad, but i was sad to find thta it was not actually on that specific album, 'Cordovan', as was mentioned. Was it mistaken for anotrhe of Greg Reeves' pieces of work?

Do please get back to me; out 15 dollars for music i didn't receive! I hope above error can be corrected so i can get myself a copy of this awesme song. =/