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i remember this commercial vaguely from maybe the late 90's when a guy pulls up thru a drive through and talks to the speaker to place his order and the speaker is all distorted and crazy sounding. does anybody know what company this was for or what commercial so i can try to download it or find it to watch, it was so funny.
That is not an add, IIRC. It is a "song" from Dr. Demento called Drive through or something like that

"I want a cheese burger, onion rings, and a large orange drink"
huh? it was a commercial i saw it a few years ago. a dude is at the drive thru and the speaker is like going crazy and making weird noises. i no i saw it on tv it was a commercial
Yeah, it was a Pepsi commercial. That was the one where they were all talking garbled, right?
is it pepsi, thats what i'm asking you guys so i can find out what company the commercial was for so i can search it and watch it again
sorry, thought that was what you were talking about
no im not sayin ur wrong im just tryin to find what company its for lol all i remember is a car pullin up and the speaker is just makin such crazy noises. it prob came outin lik the late 90s early 2000 or so.