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Looking for the coca cola commercial song with people dancing around a campfire. I heard it again last night on MTV on the Newleweds show in the episode with the bees. Can anyone help?
Basement Jaxx did a Coke commercial a few years ago. The song used was called "Red Alert." I thought they were dancing around a campfire in the commercial, but it's been awhile.
theres this old commercial that came out bout 4 yrs ago. i dont remeber the beat, but it was kinda catchy. i remeber there wus this one fat guy whu was dancin these weird rave moves, and he wus in front of these ppl like camping neer a fire, i kno it sounds weird but that all i remember
oo i juss remembered sumthin else!
like a yr after it came out i remember seein madonna sing it at sum sort of charity thing
"Red Alert" by Basement Jaxx. You can listen to an audio sample here, track 5. Also available for download from .
OK, there is this Coca Cola light ad that has a really groovy chillout song. Various people taste Coke light and everyone seems to like. One lady says wow wow wow. A man with green shirt burbs and says "can I..*burb* can I have another one?". Ring any bells? I really like the song. Also if you know any similar tracks, I would be very pleased to hear :)

Also there is the Coke "Redzone" song. The ad was in the air some years ago, so I am kinda late on this one. Still if someone remembers what it is, I would be very pleased to hear :)

I'll take a guess on the Coke "Redzone" ad music ...

Possibly ...

Basement Jaxx - "Red Alert" - CD: Remedy ???

Right or wrong ...
There you go.
A long time ago coke did these commericals with the little sayings under the can. Any ways the one I'm talking about had a barnfire party and a heavy kid that was dancing his tail off. The coke can said "music comes from with in" And it had like party music in the background it was kinda techno ish. Does anyone here know that name off that song??
there are no words to the song but it sounds like daft punk...its a party in the woods and there is a fat guy dancing by a tree. it has a house beat to it...
Ahh! Good times! :p :lol:

Song was ...

Basement Jaxx - "Red Alert"

(I'm sure somewhere here it was already posted. ;) )

There you go.