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Hi, I'm search a song of a coca-cola commercial, i watched it in the cinema before the movie start, and in the tv; the ad is about a latin girl that gives coke to people in the street, lyrics is in spanish... if someone knows the singer o the name of the song i really appreciate it... thks.
Can you tell us which country you are in as Coke develops different commercials for each of its worldwide markets?
Yeah, it's true, I'm from Mexico and i watch the commercial on August, September aprox. in the television. Thks.
The english version of the song is by:

Sharlene Hector - I wish I knew how it would feel to be free

I have not heard a spanish version but maybe this will help in your search
Thaks, i can download the song and it is in English version.
Anyway if someone knows the title in spanish please tell me.
Hi again! I just know the answer for my request. The singer is MAIA and the song name is: Tu y yo de verdad.



Originally posted by DresdenAir00@Nov 1 2004, 12:15 PM
I want to break free" Queen
No, that was used in an ad for C2 -- the ad in question in this thread is for a Latin American ad and has been answered.