CNN Hurricane Katrina


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Does anybody know the music playing during CNN's commercial providing help for the Hurrican Katrina victims?? It's the one where slow guitar is playing, fading into a man singing, ending the commercial. It shows several clips of the Hurrican Katrina damages and what people are doing to help. Help is appreciated.
Also, it's got a website on the screen, if that helps.
The song is by the Goo Goo Dolls, and is titled, "Better Days". Very awesome song.
Thank you too. Another one I was looking for. :D

NOTE: This song is only a single right now! Don't spend hours looking for this song on CD!!!!!
Lol, came here looking for the same answer as you, a very moving song indeed, funny enough that you had the answer to your own question! XD
theres a link to the 1:32 commercial plus info bout Goo Goo Dolls new song written by John Rzeznik named "Better Days" due to release on their new album!
lol, thank you, I saw that "Katrina" ad on the CNN website yesterday and went and downloaded the song, it's great. Thank you anyways, this would have been a big help if I didn't look on the CNN site.