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This is my first post here, so I am a newbie. My question is, the other night when I flipped over to the Cartoon Network for my nightly dosage of Adult Swim I caught a music video/bump/commercial/short (not sure exactly what it was) featuring the characters from Ed, Edd, and Eddy. They were toys, in a girls room, and they were trying to escape the girl in a barbie car and other such hijinks.

I was wondering if anyone new what it was or where I can find info on it. I've searched all over the Cartoon Network site to turn up nothing and even googled part of the lyrics I remember to see if it would turn up anything.

As for the lyrics they go something like "I'm not coming in anymore" or "I'm not going in anymore" and another line was like "and I don't need you." The band sounded a little like O.A.R. but I don't think it was them. I apologize for the long post. If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it and thanks in advance for any and all help. Have a nice day!
Long, descriptive posts are always a good thing around here! Helps us help you if we know as much as we can -- description of ad and music.
I can't quite figure out if this is an original song for the spot or what... But, anyway...

Go here and you can look at screen caps of the spot (I think), as well as read the lyrics and hear the song.
It's 'I'm Not Coming In Anymore' - Stuart Hill, i believe.

i googled the lyrics also and i got some guy's live journal as a result and one of his favorite songs is that.

i hope that helps