Classic NFL music in Burger King Commercial


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There's a new burger king commercial where the burger king himself is playing on the football field (at the baltimore ravens stadium). In the background is the old-fashioned football clip music.

Does anybody know what this song is called?

(link to commercial)
What is the song playing in the Burger King commercial where the guy in the big king head runs the ball down the field into the end zone? It's definately like a brass orchestra, the song is classic in football and its been on old commercials for video games in the past as well. I know I was kind of vague, but any help would be appreciated.

I haven't seen the commercial but it is most likely the 75 Seasons Suite, from the Autumn Thunder box set.
I know the NFL released a cd called like Grid Iron Classics a while back it probably on that too.
They play that song all the time on NFL Films with Steve Sabol too.
Trust me the ABC MNF theme and the 75 Seasons Suite are nothing like each other.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure its not the old Monday Night Football theme too.
This is the song I am referring to, you always here it on NFL commercials:

(Link Deleted -- stop posting music downloads.)

It might not be the one he wants, but it is instantly recognizable.

I have over 200 songs from the NFL films music archives, and without more to go on, I am not searching every one.

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