Classic Nes gameboy games commercial song?


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there was a "who are you" ad for the GBA featuring classic NES games on the WB tonight. Im wondering what song that was (im not talking about the one with goldfrapp's "strict machine"). the song had a cheesy late 80's/early 90's techno sound to it, fitting for the type of game they were advertising. the lyrics only consisted of the phrase "move out" (or so thats what it sounded like). Dont ask me why im interested in it. Its all about cheesy songs :D
hahaha thanks hella gonna blast this song in my car and show the WORLD how cool i am :D NINJA STATUS wo0t :ph34r:
Anyone know the name of the song in the backround? this the commercial advertising for classic nes games and shows a gameboy that is painted like an old nes. this is not the "strict machine" commercial.

I apreciate any responces =)
If it's nintendo music, I know what it is...but unfortunatly, I need to hear it...
I just found the song after searching through the forums a little differently
its called "situation" by yaz or yazoo
my apologies
it 's "yazoo" a 80's band with alison moyet and vince clarke

yazz is a totally different person who sang "the only way is up"

edit : sorry yaz was the us name for yazoo :huh:
Heh, thanks guys, I was looking through my entire Depeche Mode CD collection to find that song. But couldn't,... They sound very similar... Synth pop.. Yay.

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the song that is in the Classic NES Series commercial for Gameboy Advance, if you haven't seen the commercial yet, here it is.
(requires Quicktime)
Try "Situation" by Yaz.
Preview Here

A few of the signature sounds from the commercial's clip are missing from this preview though, so it may be difficult to match them.
Just saw one of those Gameboy SP commercials for their retro know the ones where a dude is leaning on a car playing and the game effects are spouting out all around him. This one is the newest one that I have seen and features a relatively well known song that escapes me. Has a somewhat 80's techno beat...oh and it seems that Link from The Legend of Zelda is featured rather prominently in the spot...any ideas?
It's the commercial when the dude's leaning against the front of his car playing his GBA. The narrator of the commercial's going on about 8-bit, side scrolling games and blah, blah.

What is that song in the background? ^_^ It sounds like a remix of the original.
where can i view that advert? it was so cool! nintendo classics rule ::stick tongue out, rock on::