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does anyone know the song played on that city tv commercial where it shows a lot of images of vancouver, infact i think it is a commercial for how great vancouver is. But anyways i really like that song that the guy in the commerical sings. PLease Help.
Sorry i don't have the answer - wish I did. Trying desparately to find out as well - great song - want it. As for the commercial itself... one the best commercials I've seen in a long time + showcases Vancouver beautifully w/an awesome song. Cheers to who put it together. I'm about ready to call CityTV.
I saw the commercial for the first time today and I was quite amazed. I would guess that it's a local talent singing in the commercial. I hope someone finds out who it is.
I've only seen this ad a couple times. It's a generic CityTV ad that shows flashes of a city (Toronto? Vancouver?) Its a male singer with a slowish tune and I have caught the following lyrics:

"if all the world is fallin the sound of voices calling it strikes out all the things i like to see"

I've even tried emailing City about it but no response.

Thanks in advance! :blink:
This song is supposed to by called "Falling" by Jamie Cullum and Steve Isles.

More info is on Youtube, but no one has been able to find this song.
I just saw a commercial for the show "Smart Women's Survival guide" on the W channel and they used the same song.

The Youtube clip is no longer available.
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I've been wanting to find out the same thing myself, did you ever get the answer to this?
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oh, don't know if you ever figured this out already since it's been a few years, but I finally found the answer in another thread:

It's called "Falling" by Jamie Cullum and Steve Isles :)