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:p Okay there's an commercial for Citi something where there's an black guy and his kid both flying kites on a beach

the music on that :angry: commercial sounds like some sort of classical tune but I'm really not sure if it was specially made for the commercial

Tune is played by an Violin :rolleyes:
I saw this commercial recently and would also like to know where I can find this music. I believe I saw it on NBC in the middle of the night. The commercial starts with the kid holding a large line of yarn who is looking off in the distance, and thats all I can remember to add for now.
:D I am almost positive that I figured out who composed that piece! I think it's Vaughn Williams, Ralph. The piece is called Fantasia on a Theme. It was actually on one of my classical cds, I just never knew. Here's a site devoted to him.
Vaughn Williams sounds clips
haha, are you supposed to be "dapixystik" ?? :lol: