Cinnamon toast crunch commercial


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i am so pressed on the songs used in the travelocity commerciasl with the gnome and the couple who were getting it on, now it's being used in the cinnamon toast crunch commercial, its a soul slow beat with an acoustic guitar. does anyone know. This commercial contains the kid who talks as if he is Barry White, I tried General Mills and they cannot answer because the company uses so many ad companies.
I have been looking for the song for a long long long time.. so if anyone finds them or knows who sings it or the title PLEASE post it!!! It is the song that is in the cinnamon toast crunch commercial with the little boy singing to this deep sexy voice and it has this like sexy soul tune to it... I will continue looking and if I find it I will post it for sure.... Oh I hope someone knows what it is the tune has been stuck in my head for ever, and this searching is getting me nowhere... I searched Barry White and it really does sound like him, but I wasnt able to find it within his songs.. I have had no luck finding any other singers like him with the deep voice like that in his genre... but if anyone knows please post something!!! Thanks everyone
I have also been looking for this song for ages! It's also on a new Jack In The Box commercial.

I hope someone can confirm what song this is!
It has no lyrics, it's always a low sexy voice doing the song. Like a Barry white type of thing.
They play the Travelocity commercial a ton during "NASCAR Raceday" on Speed, and then during the races on Fox.

I doubt anyone else in the US watches this show, but the song was played on an episode of "Footballers Wive$" on BBC America.

In case anyone does watch the show, I think it was in Season 3. It was the song Shannon and Harley danced to as their first dance as husband and wife.