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In a commercial for Chevy Trucks they use a really cool remix of the Steve Miller Band song Magic Carpet Ride. Does anyone know if this remix available anywhere?
It's not Steve Miller.

Steppenwolf performed "Magic Carpet Ride".

There is a remix that was done by Philip Steir on the "Go" soundtrack. You can listen to a sample at Amazon. Track 3. Not sure if it's the one from this commercial or not.

Original found on "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back" soundtrack or various other albums. Also a sample at Amazon. Track 9.

I like the original Steppenwolf better. :)

You're right about Steppenwolf. Thanks. Me am not smart.

That remix from the Go soundtrack isn't what I'm looking for. Maybe this remix was done specifically for the commercial.
Steppenwolf is awesome and rightly so for their 1968 hits "Born to be wild" and "Magic Carpet Ride." I believe a handful of prominent bands have performed covers of this legendary song. However, I am fairly certain it is Steppenwolf performing "Magic Carpet Ride" in the commercial. It may sound unusal because it is in the background and obsciured by a guy talking.
Originally posted by sophist@Nov 10 2004, 03:42 PM
Have you tried the FATBOY SLIM remix?
The Fatboy Slim remix is of a different "Magic Carpet Ride," by the Mighty Dub Kats, not the Steppenwolf song.
Mighty Dub Kats IS Fatboy Slim!

It is definitely a remix of the Steppenwolf track although somewhat different I agree.

The version in the ad is actually performed by BEDLAM from the Reservoir Dogs OST.

Listen to sample here (Track #7).
Just want to clear up any confusion: Mighty Dub Kats is indeed one of Norman Cook's many incarnations, but their "Magic Carpet Ride" is not a remix or any way related to the Steppenwolf song - it is a completely different song (writing is credited to NORMAN COOK only).