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Anyone know the music in the background for the new Cheer detergent for dark laundry? It may just be music made for the ad.
I've seen the commercial but I didnt pay attention to the background music. When I see it again I'll let you know.
Am desperately looking for the song name and female artist one of the new Cheer Dark commercials. She does not articulate words, but her voice and the tune is mesmerizing. Possibly could be some kind of world music artist???
does anyone know the name of the tune in the cheer dark laundry soap commercial, im not sure if it is an actual song or just a little ditty
thanks :D
I like the music that is playing in the background so if anyone knows what it is that would help.
Can you describe the song? Any lyrics? Male/ female vocals? Genre?
E-mailed Cheer a bit ago:

Glad our Cheer Dark ad caught your ear. The song in the commercial is
a piece created specifically for the commercials by a company called

I hope this helps.

Cheer Team
Dark Cheer

I just saw the commercial for Dark Cheer. Well, I only managed to see a split second of it, and it involved someone rotating some dry cleaned garments including a pair of white socks. The song doesn't have words in it, I think. It just seems like an ambient piece. I'm really hoping that it's a song because it just sounds so soothing.
Ah, thank you so much. I should've looked around before asking about it, but I was just too anxious to find out anything about the song featured. It's too bad it's just a song designed for the commercial. Again, thank you and sorry for not looking around first before asking.
Cheer Dark

its a slightly older commercial...but its been bugging me for a while. its for cheer 80% sure (if not its some other laundry detergent dark) and in the commercial the guy takes off his black shirt and throws it across the room into the garbage..and some lady says "dont be afraid to wash your darks" or something along those lines. any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated!