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In the part where the eldest son,Jake, is writing in his journal and thinking about his girlfriend, there is emo-ish music playing in the background. Anyone know what that song is and who plays it? Thanks.
It's been a while since I saw that movie. I remember they played In too Deep by Sum 41

When the son Mark (the misfit) runs away from home there is an instrumental piece played, similar sound to The Shadows.

Does anyone know what this is???


Just incase anyone else wants to know, the piece where Mark runs away is called Classical Gas. Spent a while going through over 4 hours of my dad's old Shadows tapes to find it!

The Shadows have done a version of this, but the original was by Mason Williams. Others have also covered this song including Eric Clapton, Chet Atkins and Vanessa Mae

hope this helps anyone else who is intrested.
I am trying to figure out the tune used in the movie in the scene where everyone is cleaning house or getting food together. The tune I think goes "Its are all better now, things are starting to come together"

I think this was also used in a commercial, but I can't remember for what.
Any leads?
Saw the film on a flight yesterday.It's a remake in part of a 60s song "Reach out of the darkness" by Friend and Lover.Unfortunately the only sound clips I've found play the chorus,which is quite different from the rest.You can just hear the woman's voice start as it fades.

The film credits are:

"People Come Together"
Music: M. Constanzo
Lyrics: M. Costanzo / P. Rae / M. Safiyullah / M. Wilson / S. Costanzo / J. Post / M. Taylor / K. Fareed / A. Muhammed / R. Foster
Performed by Len
Courtesy of Universal Music Canada/DreamWorks Records
Under license from Universal Music Enterprises
(Contains a sample of "Reach Out of the Darkness"
Written by J. Post
Performed by Friend and Lover
Courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group
Under license from Universal Music Enterprises
Also contains a sample of "Electric Relaxation"
Written by M. Taylor, K. Fareed, A. Muhammed
Performed by A Tribe Called Quest
Also contains a sample of "Mystic Brew"
Written and Performed by R. Foster
Courtesy of Jive Records
Under license from BMG Film & Television Music)

Here are the lyrics:

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Sorry about the double post,don't know how to edit or add a p.s.Maybe Michelle can delete the first one...
I've tried investigating, but I've had no luck with the leads you provided. Thank you though for your help.

I will probably have to rent it and do my research. In the meantime, anyone else have any leads.
Hey, I was watching this movie with my little cousins a few months ago and I recognized the song that goes "I think it's so groovy now, that people are finally getting together", but it was some sort of remix version. I know the original song is "reach out in the darkness" by friend and lover.....circa 1970 something......unfortunately the original version is absolutle crap and that line is the only good thing about the song.
When the credits rolled, i looked at the featured music and it said the song was called "People come together" by Len. I have looked absolutely EVERYWHERE for this song, but it's as if it doesn't exist. Can anyone help me out?
See previous post here

'People Come Together' is a track from Len's album 'We Be Who We Be' which for some reason was pulled from release.

If you are desperate to get hold of a copy, some unreleased versions are available from GEMM.
Does anyone out there know the name of the song or the music being played when the boyfriend of the eldest daughter get's punked by the kids?
Originally posted by Tamsin@Mar 18 2005, 08:08 PM
This is the soundtrack,don't know if it helps at all,I'm trying to remember where that part came in the movie...
It is the part where the boyfriend get's punked by the kids by them tripping him with the hose and the then falls into the swimming pool. This all happens when the eldest daughter comes to visit the family in there new home. There is also another part in the movie where they soak the boyfriend's (Ashton Kucher) in meat and then relase the hound on him.
Does any body out there have any ideas about this song?
Possibly an unreleased score by the film's composer Christophe Beck? That would be my guess.

It kind of has a Mission Impossible techno sound to it, but perhaps with Christophe Beck's own interpretation. That seems to be the what is going in that scene as well....those kids trying to perform an "Mission Impossible' type of trick.

But I could be wrong. ;)
Does anybody know the song used when the family is running out of this house to look for Mark, it's mainly guitar.
I'ts Classical Gas by Mason Williams but for some reason some say its under Eric Clapton, they're the same song but check them both out, but I know that the original is Mason Wiliams