Celebrity voice-overs in commercials


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Who is the voice over for the AIG commercials and while I'm at it, who does the voice over for New York Life, the company you keep?
I'm not sure if this is exactly the right place, but this board is about TV commercials and I think this could be fun. We should play a game where we list all the commercials we can think of that have celebrities doing the voiceover. I guess we could also name commercials that celebrities appear in, but that's way easier and slightly less fun. So here are the voices that I've recognized from commercials:

Patrick Dempsey - Life cereal commercial

Kiefer Sutherland - Intel computer chip commercial ?

David Duchovny - dog food commercial

Christian Slater - Panasonic commercial

Will Arnett - I forget... but I heard his voice somewhere

hmmm, that's all I can think of so far. Everybody just add whatever ones you can think of. :)
I heard another one. :)

Kelsey Grammer - Disney World commercial
James Spader in the new Ford Fusion (I think its fusion) "This is Life, This is Life in Drive"
Julia Roberts does the voice over for the new AOL commercials promising A "Better Internet".

FYI: they're the ones with the creepy bald guy talking to the "Regular" Guy on the computer.