I don't think they do. I wish they would, though, because all the Grateful Dead shows I download have to be spread out on three cds.
Well at least I know I'm not crazy now, I've been searching for one everywhere. It seems they don't exist. -_-
there are 90 and 99 min CD-Rs. your burner and burning software needs to be compatible. check if they support "overburning".
Originally posted by drizzt_fan14@Sep 19 2005, 08:49 PM
How would I check that?
what burning software do you use? in Nero Burn, go to Recorder->Choose recorder and select your drive. Check under entry 'Overburn'

even if it does not support lt, check with the manufacturer site of your burner. most manufacturers have released firmware (which is the tiny program that sits inside a chip on your burner and controls it) upgrades to support overburning etc. download and run it.
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Did anyone else find that just :wub: ?
heck, i love that guy....... :D

:unsure: in a manly, straight non-gay way
Melissa, I've got a question for you. Hop on messenger or aol or somethin'. :)