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Does anyone know the ending theme to the Anime they show on Adult Swim, Case Closed?
Try the adultswim board. They have lists of songs.
I've looked at a few adultswim boards and haven't been able to find this song:

It's the jazzy song that usually plays during the show, especially in the first few minutes and as they are wrapping up a case. I'd really love to find out what it's called / get a full recording of that somewhere. I can get a recording of it from the show if that will help somebody to recognize it.
Funimation has a habit of taking the original songs from the show and redoing them entirely in english. If you check through all of the Japanese endings, you'll proabaly find it. Now, weather it's been released in it's entirety to the public is another thing entirely. Another thing is, the series is LONG. There are over 303 episodes, it started in 1996 and they're still making episodes now. I suggest starting with the earliest endings.

Actually, I can do you one better and tell you the original Japanese version that the english is based off of is called "Step by Step" by Ziggy.