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Ok, there's this car commerical, I'm not sure what one but this guy is with his girlfriend looking at cars and he's preteneding to check the car out but in the end he hits his foot on the car tire and limps off. But there's this song playing in the background the words are:"So you're checking out my wheels today, and I hear you got something to say. If you like whatcha see then take a ride with me, cause baby I'm a car guy, I'll put the pedal to the metal and we'll go for a ride cause I'm a car guy" Does anyone know what song that is? I've been searching forever. If you know please email me at I love that song so could someone help me soon! It's kinda of a old commerical like a year and a half and the song sounded like rock, punkrock, or techno
Please do not start a new topic duplicating a question you've already asked.

Can you offer any more info? Still don't know what kind of car the ad was for? What kind of music is it? Rock, country, techno, dance, hip-hop, rap? What channel did you see it on? Etc...