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for the past few years i've been trying to figure out the song played in a car commercial from 2000 or earlier and aired in canada. it was a jazz song with a male vocalist possibly for a japanese car company (infinity, acura, lexus...) but i can't remember. very eery haunting vocals with lots of reverb. sounded like something from the 30s. the song sounded kind of like "pennies from heaven." i want to say it started with the lyrics, "if i only had a dream," even though i know of no song with those lyrics. the ad shows the car driving over a very long bridge, possibly the pei bridge, maybe chesapeake bay, and there is a close-up of a girl in the back seat.

that's all i can remember.

any help would be appreciated.
I remember a few years back a car company used "Get a Move On" by Mr. Scruff.
Your description sounds a lot like that song.

I hope this helps.
it was around the same time as those volvo and lincoln commercials, but this was an actual jazz song.

thanks for the help though.
Are you sure it wasn't Pennies From Heaven? I seem to remember a car commercial from the that period featuring Pennies From Heaven as the soundtrack.

Dave Z.
i also remember that commercial. it was a buick commercial (i think) that showed a shower of pennies falling on the car. it's possible that it was in fact pennies from heaven, but i'm fairly certain that it wasn't. it was a slower jazz ballad of that vintage though.