Cant find the name of this song or band!


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Ok, this song is hauting me. I once saw it on MTV about 3 years ago. Not sure how to describe it really. The song is kinda like a pop version of a Beethoven song. I dont listen to classical music, so, I cant tell you the exact Beethoven song. The only thing I can really remember about the music video was that there was a guy riding a bike around some big city the entire time. ANY input on this would be greatful. Just post whatever you think it could be, and Ill just look it up. There could be a crap-load of songs out there that fit the above criteria, so, just take a wild guess. Thanks.
I'm not sure if this is it, but it might be The Verve // Bittersweet Symphony.
Nah. Sorry. But I love that song though. Its one of my all-time favorites. Never did buy the CD though...

Actually, its a bit more faster song than that...lemme see If I can find the Beethoven song that the song is based around.
AHA! ok. Got the Beethoven song. Its the famous Symphany No. 5. Just check MSN music or something to see which one it is.