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I know I know this one, but...

who is singing the song in the new canon powershot commercial?

I beleive I'm hearing the lyrics as something like "nothing's going to change my mind..." It's a dude singing. He's got kind of a wobbly voice...
I think it's "Across The Universe" by Rufus Wainwright off of the "I am Sam" Soundtrack you can listen to it here
I saw that commercial tonight and came here to ask the same question. Thanks for the answer.
Hi, does anyone know the name of the song played in that cannon cameria commercial? Im guessing its new, i just saw it today watching Trading Spouses.
Can you describe the song? Any lyrics? Genre?
It's Rufus Wainwright covering the Beatles "Across the Universe." You can find the song on Wainwright's album "Poses."
hi all you music junkies...can anyone tell me the artist/song for the digital camera commercial i just saw (have seen it only once)... i think it was canon, but i'm not sure... the artist sounds like rufus wainright (again, a guess) and the only words i can make out are 'nothing's gonna change my world' repeated twice... this song sounds so familiar, but i cant for the life of me figure out what /who it is.. thanks for the help.
the song is called "across the universe" by the beatles from their movie
"let it be" . however i can't tell you who is doing the version in this commercial
There is a new Canon commercial with vibrant colors that has an "alternative" style song sung by a male. A guitar is playing. What's the name of that song?
The commercial song Im looking for is the Canon commercial with this guy singing something like "...something something across the universe" and it shows alot of colors and has a picture of a little blonde girl in it. I see it evry morning on channel NBC but I always miss the lyrics. Please help me!!!
some time recently there was a cannon comercial on tv it sounded good but i completly forgot how it went if you know what im talkin about reply thank u
Can you describe the ad?
If you see the ad again, please post any info about the music (lyrics, genre, etc.)
Did you try a search of our Forums? (I think it's actually spelled "Canon" -- with one "n") You might be looking for the Rufus Wainwright ad -- that one was on heavy rotation during the holidays. :unsure: