Cadillac Escalade



I will praise anyone who can figure this one out. Alright this is aa pretty old Cadillac Escalade commercial where there is the black Escalade driving through what looks like the sahara desert, but was shot somewhere outside of L.A. The music in the commercial is instrumental, and is driven by violas, cellos, and violins, but is not purely classical. It has an edge to it. It goes something like this:

(dum- dum- dum- DUM(sharp)-DUM(sharp)- dum-dum-dum)

Its spooky sounding,evil spirits or something, and i know ive heard this piece elsewhere i just cant remember where.

can anyone help?

I'm trying to remember this ad - was the SUV being chased by a black cloaked rider on horseback?
Yes, i think so. Either that or the car was just driving throughout the desert. But i think you're right.
Well, what I remember was a black caped figure on horseback chasing the vehicle through the desert - an obvious rip-off of a "Ring Wraith" from the film THE LORD OF THE RINGS - FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING. The music had a driving beat (with lots of low string instruments).

I think we're talking about the same ad, but it's hard to be sure. Will have to research that one for a bit.