"But I'm Always On Time"


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I was working, and on the radio i heard a songi had heard before.. it was an oldie and i'm sure of it. I don't remember most of the lyrics but i remember a part of the chorus was "But I'm always on Time." It waes pretty catchy, in fact I remember I was whistleing to it because it was firmiliar. It might have been from the early '80s. Help me out?
If you heard it on the radio in the past 24 hours, you can look it up at Yes.net... by city, station, time.
it was at Kroger, and it wasn't any particular radio station.. it was jsut music that kept playing.. so i'm not sure the station. It's definelty not up for selection on tha page though..
I did a google search with the lyric "But I'm Always on Time" and all that came up was Ja Rule and Ashanti. :huh: But I don't think that's either early rock or a male singer. :lol: